Monday, July 5, 2010

~the great comeback~

ok admit it,
you guys miss me

kan kan kan kan kan kan kan ??


i was quite busy ,
with my final exams lah,
dengan "kot putih" lah
dengan preparations nak balik malaysia lagi...

so yeah, forgive me for keeping quiet all this while,
i just dont have the time to blog ,
online pon buka facebook , buka ym, tutup.


ape yang aku nak update ek kali nie?

i went back to malaysia for the summer holidays,
i know most of you say
rugi sebab i didnt follow you guys to umrah, but what to do,
aku tak balik raya nanti, so kena la balik skang! wajib! hahaha

malaysia is unexpectedly HOT!
PANAS serious, aku rasa cam nak terbakar kulit,
dok dalam sauna aku rasa, berpeluh tak habis-habis.


the food was , is and will always remain FANTASTIC!

my stay here meant a lot!
first week i was busy , away from home, tak balik rumah pon,
i had to go to unikl and intec uitm bagi talk sikit pasal preparations nak datang ke jordan.

2nd week it was all about jalan-jalan around the states..
yes i had something to do in PAHANG, ehem.
what? tak perlu tahu ok
from pahang>johor>terengganu>kelantan>kedah.

and now today as i am blogging, i just arrived in perak yesterday.

so it was fun, great, tiring but yet again meaningful..

but like everything else, it is only for the moment,
im off to jordan this friday.

sorry to those yang i tak sempat jumpa, i tried my best but my schedule was too full.


ps: time kat malaysia ade cerita pasal budak RMC mati, kalau korg ade dengar cerita pasal tu, takpayah la percaya ape yang media cakap tu, mostly exaggerated. the incident was just plain unlucky for the poor seniors. i actually pity the seniors more than the so-called victim more.