Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~ a call for help~

Has been  a day which one should know,
that life's nothing but a silly show,
the rights which seemed to be fought upon,
were stripped off , leaving everything gone.

they say they fight for equal rights,
everything looked great in hopes of light,
the truth that we all fail to see,
that no one was really let free.

the land which once was harmony,
is now so full with agony,
those who came in forty eight,
brought nothing but a dreadful fate.

the rights of  rightful people there,
were stripped off leaving so much despair,
sixty four years they occupied,
more and more people have died,

people were shot to die in vain,
nobody came to ease the pain,
the babies cried , the ladies grieve,
though people chose to not believe.

now people of the big blue earth,
lets stand up for what its really worth,
close your eyes and take a break,
think for all humanities sake.

open your eyes, do not be blind,
leave all of your egos behind,
their families killed, their houses burnt,
how could you be so ignorant.

you have voices, you have power,
what could you do in this needed hour.
let not, the Palestinians fate,
be decided by the Israelis hate.

-pemalu , 4.47 am,
the quiet dawn of Irbid, Jordan-