Saturday, February 7, 2015


Went through hell and I survived,

thought that things would tumble


God knows best, God understands me even better than i understand myself

life in Malaysia?

it aint bad. its awesome actually. just awesome . :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

~ a call for help~

Has been  a day which one should know,
that life's nothing but a silly show,
the rights which seemed to be fought upon,
were stripped off , leaving everything gone.

they say they fight for equal rights,
everything looked great in hopes of light,
the truth that we all fail to see,
that no one was really let free.

the land which once was harmony,
is now so full with agony,
those who came in forty eight,
brought nothing but a dreadful fate.

the rights of  rightful people there,
were stripped off leaving so much despair,
sixty four years they occupied,
more and more people have died,

people were shot to die in vain,
nobody came to ease the pain,
the babies cried , the ladies grieve,
though people chose to not believe.

now people of the big blue earth,
lets stand up for what its really worth,
close your eyes and take a break,
think for all humanities sake.

open your eyes, do not be blind,
leave all of your egos behind,
their families killed, their houses burnt,
how could you be so ignorant.

you have voices, you have power,
what could you do in this needed hour.
let not, the Palestinians fate,
be decided by the Israelis hate.

-pemalu , 4.47 am,
the quiet dawn of Irbid, Jordan-


Thursday, March 8, 2012

~what should we do?~

Kony , Joseph Kony.

in just 2 days, his name was suddenly that famous, from 3 million views initially on the first day, it bloomed up to 40 million + views on the 2nd day.

Kony 2012 , is a project done by a group of activists who call themselves "the invisible children" in an objective to make sure Kony becomes popular and known to the whole world, so that people would know him and help to make a difference.

i applaud the idea, i applaud the effort. i sir, respect and could only dream to achieve what you have achieved today.

Helping humanity cases has always been my interest. i try to help the society as much as i could, just after my GCSE (SPM) i actually started a small program ,where we high school graduates would give free extra classes for those children who do not have the money to go for the commercial extra classes organized by private institutions.

what we did was that we went to schools around the district and discussed with the management where they later on gave us a list of students who are in a tight financial situation. we gather this children during the weekends somewhere fun, somewhere exciting, and we give the maths lessons, english classes , history lessons and many more.

it was good to see these kids excel in their general exams later on.

Well yes, going back to the issue.

i realize that most of us (mainly malaysian youths) fail to see that we are actually the most important generation to ensure a better future. we are the intellectuals, we are the voices , we are the wave of change.

we have so much potential, we could create such a big impact towards everything, religion, politics, mentality and even stereotypes.

i love to highlight the events held by youths worldwide just to show how indeed the youth power does actually exist.

The "invisible children" uses this youth power to spread the message. look, how big is the impact? hasnt it touched the world? hasnt it open your eyes?

Malaysian youths should be more mature in terms of thinking. its no longer time to only talk about hot actress, good action movies or which comedian is the best. its time to see how we could change the world , the environment , the people.

some may say that Malaysia actually does have youth power and we could see them in the issues like AUKU etc etc. but im sorry to say, its not that i disrespect your efforts but our ways are just fully immature. dont bring those rebellious , barbaric attitude when you are to address or object an issue. choose a smart way. in tidak, asalkan ada masalah asik nak buat rusuhan. well thats my point of view.

in a way, i could see that we are starting to go towards a certain level of thinking , but its time to accelerate. its time to do more. its time to participate.

imagine if and only if we do have such a strong youth movement, we could just tackle many issues and resolve them in the best way possible. we could even help to spread the message of PALESTINE and SYRIA to the whole world.

no no, dont just post statuses on your facebook walls where a majority of your friends are aware of the issue. go out of the box, explain your ideas of peace to the people who dont understand. those people outside your box. reach them out.

(what i do is that i share these ideas with my international friends from my international school , just to create an awareness.)

if you were to read my post thoroughly i am actually trying to emphasize on the effects of the "youth power" , i wont be explaining or upholding the idea brought by the IC on the KONY 2012 case. no.

my motives for this post is to show the world that youth power still exists, and it is sad to see only some countries ( mainly developed countries) are the ones that are fully using this power. Countries such as Malaysia and Jordan should realize that we are left behind. You say, i want to help Syria i want to help Palestine, but in the end of the day what did we really do?

its time to express ourselves, its time for our reign of justice and rise and mould the world to a better place.

anyhow, this is the Link by the Invisible Children regarding the KONY 2012 campaign.

its a good campaign, really it is , just awesome. but perhaps in one way we should also do our research on the ugandan problem. Probably by then you can make up your mind. :)
i say go to the KONY 2012 campaign, but i also advice us (the viewers) to do some research .


ps: in a way i kind of understand how indeed it is hard for us to express ourselves. i've been quite active before i flew off to Jordan. i joined some volunteer groups in a mission to help improve the condition around. But now, little by little i feel a little part of me has gone lost. i no longer feel the passion i use to have. am i the only one?

so i guess, i could say thank you to the KONY 2012 for slapping me on the face and make me realize that i still have something to achieve. :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

~of new year and safety~


Its been quite sometime since i last posted on my blog, i realized that most of us (mainly my batch ) are getting tied with studies and such and there is just not so much time to blog anymore. seriously, go check out the other blogs, all dusty and not updated. well, that is how life is, sometimes you are as free as a butterfly, and sometimes just as busy as a bee.

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to all my friends all around the world , may this year bring lots of happiness to you and your families. try not to forget, that a year gained, does not only mean you gain a year to spend your days with things you love, it also means you gain a year closer to death and when that time comes may we all be prepared enshaALLAH.


The reason i felt like blogging today is just to give a piece of advice / opinion on one of the most most talked about issue here in IRBID .


Most of you are informed that i was chosen to be the head of aid and safety for the student association of Irbid for the 2011/2012 session.

Well, allow me to blog in malay since my message could be delivered more efficiently in my native tongue.


Saya cakap ikhlas, 2 3 menjak ni saya rasa dah kecewa. haih, penat . bile meronda malam ada sahaja akhwat yang takde murraqib keluar berkeliaran, dah lah takde murraqib jalan berseorangan atau berdua pulak tu.

tahun lepas waktu nampak JKK Kebajikan dan Keselamatan PERMAI asik marah-marah, dalam hati berbisik.
"relakslah, tak perlu marah-marah"

tahun ni kena dekat batang hidung sendiri hah, baru tahu rasa sakit nye.

saya bukan ape, tahun lepas orang kata AMM PERMAI terlalu garang, JKK KK terlalu pemarah. tahun ni saya muhasabah, saya cuba jadi selembut mungkin. taknak mengongkong sangat. saya cuba selami, saya cuba memahami hati-hati adik adik, kakak kakak saya ni, yang mana perlu saya bertegas, yang mana saya perlu berlembut.

siapa yang pernah kena marah dengan begitu teruk dengan saya? 1 2 mungkin, selebihnya saya
amat berlembut. cakap elok-elok, takde tengking-tengking.

apa yang jadi?

bila saya buat macam ni ramai pulak yang endah tak endah je cakap saya. orang lain cakap.

"kau ni baik sangat, marah sikit baru diorg tau takut."

saya endahkan.

saya tak peduli kalian takut atau tidak kepada saya, cukup sekadar menghormati tugas saya dan apa yang sudah digaris pandukan.

bukan kami saja-saja nak mengongkong. TIDAK!

bukan saya tak bagi keluar malam sekaligus. TIDAK!

kalau ada urusan penting silakan, tapi bermurraqiblah. kalau ada urusan kecemasan silakan, murraqib pun janganlah lupa.

apa yang kami mahukan adalah anda semua selamat.


saya banyak memberi ruang , memberi kelonggaran.
yang mana yang nak menaiki taksi berempat tanpa murraqib , walau berat hati melepas, saya izinkan.
yang mana nak keluar rumah ke kedai yang 10 tapak tu, saya kata ok lah, pergi tapi dengan syarat pergi sekurang-kurangnya 4 orang.

masalahnya sekarang,
bila saya beri kelonggaran macam ni, ramai pulak yang ambil kesempatan.

Saya tak kata BOLEH keluar jalan-jalan pada waktu malam tanpa murraqib kalau berempat. saya kata, kalau nak pergi ke kedai / rumah kawan yang jaraknya tak smpai 100 meter tu boleh lah tapi hati-hati pergi secara berkumpulan. yelah, duduk dikawasan duar kubbah, nak pergi rumah kawan bangunan sebelah, kalau panggil murraqib nak tunggu 1/2 jam lagi. memang ada rasa tak patut lah.

tapi yang keluar pergi jalan-jalan kat syari jamiah 3 -4 orang tanpa murraqib selepas lewat malam tu kenapa? tak faham ke ape saya cuba sampaikan?

saya sudah cukup fleksibel dan sudah cuba untuk memahami.
kenapa anda tak boleh memahami saya pula?

Kita cuba fahami waktu qarar yang telah diletakkan. hakikatnya kalau anda mahu keselamatan anda terjaga, patuhi. bukan waktu qarar yang diletakkan itu nak buat saja-saja.

kalau benar-benar PERLU dan ada KECEMASAN, keluarlah. tapi bermurraqiblah. kalau rasa hanya perlu keluar untuk beli susu sejat satu tin, tunggu beli esok aje lah. bukan itu keutamaan.
malang tidak berbau.

"every little piece of understanding, would create the greatest masterpiece of all, so understand others"


ada pula saya dapat komplen. murraqib lambat, murraqib nak sekarang, dapat 30-45 minit.
murraqib tak efficient.

macam ni lah saya simpulkan.

anda ke sini buat apa?
belajar bukan?
jadi anda ada masalah-masalah anda sendiri. betul?
ada masa anda nak study, ada masa anda nak spend time dengan kawan. ada masa anda nak masa privasi.

ok, bayangkan ada orang call waktu korang tengah duduk bersembang dengan kawan-kawan.
" hello, saya nak mintak tolong amik saya dari hijazi nak ke masjid tal, saya nak sekarang."

apa yang korang rasa? kita tengah syok sembang-sembang atau study , tetibe orang call DEMANDNYE NAK SEKARANG.

marah tak?

syabab tu pun nak kena planning masa, nak hi hi bai bai kawan-kawan dye jugak nak bersiap-siap lagi. berilah masa sikit.
ni syabab tu lambat sikit dah komplen , marah, tarik muka.
kita MINTA TOLONG, buat cara kita MINTA TOLONG.

bukannya syabab syabab ni ada gaji nak murraqib. besar rahmatlah diorg agree nak tolong tu, tapi please be considerate.

mintak ATLEAST 1/2 jam sebelum nak keluar tu . FAHAM?

"orang berbudi kita berbahasa"

terimakasih. itu sahaja. cukup melegakan hati seseorang. kadang-kadang kita dah penat manapun, bila orang ucap terimakasih, terus tersenyum ,hilang segala penat.


ingat kita semua manusia.

"courtesy is also one of the best policy"


ada pula orang kata , takut nak menyusahkan syabab.
dan ada pula yang kata, takut nak menyusahkan pimpinan.
fahamilah, isu menyusahkan atau tidak itu tidak timbul kalau anda meminta dengan elok, dan berterimakasih sebaiknya.

syabab ni sentiasa sedia nak berkhidmat, tapi perlulah beri masa.

sedar atau tidak sedar kalau kalian tak mintak tolong lagi akan menyusahkan pimpinan jika (nauzubillah) anda ditimpa kecelakaan. nak pergi ke balai polis, nak pergi ke mahkamah. semua itu bukan mudah. semua itu mengambil masa yang banyak.

bukan mengeluh, tidak sama sekali. itu memang kerja kami dan kami akan laksanakan sebaik yang mungkin. tapi andai kata anda tak mau susahkan kami dengan begitu banyak, cuba elakkan perkara-perkara tak diingini dari berlaku. hah baru la betul-betul tak menyusahkan.

jadi untuk mengelakkan perkara yang lebih berat, baik kita berjaga-jaga sebaiknya. cuba elakkan.


" prevention is better then cure"


Yang syabab, nasihat saya mudah.
berlembutlah. menegur sebagai mana kita mahu ditegur.
geram memang ada, tapi sabar itu lebih tinggi nikmatnya. jiwa senang orang senang.

saya harap selepas ini, tak mahulah dengar dengar syabab tengking-tengking akhwat dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

marah itu ada tempat dan batasnya. kalau benar perlu dimarah. marahlah. tapi jika kesilapan itu kecil , adakah adil amarah itu dilepaskan dengan begitu teruk?

lihat mereka sebagai adik-adik dan kakak-kakak.

suka saya petik satu hadis,

[[dari Abu Hurairah r.a ia berkata: Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: “pergaulilah kaum wanita itu
dengan pergaulan yang lemah lembut, kerana sesungguhnya kaum wanita itu dijadikan dari
tulang rusuk dan sesungguhnya tulang rusuk itulah yang sebengkok-benkoknya ialah yang
paling atas. Maka apabila engkau hendak meluruskannya, luruskannlah dengan perlahan
dan apabila tidak diluruskan, ia sentiasa bengkok selama-lamanya. Oleh sebab itu
pergaulilah wanita dengan pergaulan yang lemah lembut”. (H.R Bukhari dan Muslim) ]]

slow slow brothers. help them out. bukan nak bagi diorg sakit hati. tidak, bagi mereka dapat message yang anda nak convey.

tapi bukan saya kata syabab tak boleh marah ye. cuma kena pada masa.

maaf andai tulisan saya hari ini tidak menepati apa yang kalian rasa,
maaf andai cetusan pemikiran saya ini membawa kemarahan kepada anda semua.

niat bukan untuk marah, niat untuk menasihati.
ye, saya sedar. ini tugas saya, dan saya sepatutnya bersedia sewaktu menerima perlantikan jawatan ini.

tetapi personaliti saya , saya lebih suka meluahkan dari berkata belakang.
mudah, semua orang faham . saya pun takdelah terasa marah dan dendam.
ingat. kita semua manusia. kita semua pelajar.
masih banyak lagi ruang untuk penambah baikkan,
andai kata saya salah, tegur , andai kata anda salah, saya tegur.

reminding you to remind me.


apa-apa pun, ini sedikit ingatan dari kami:

banyak sudah kes kes yang berlaku, dari kes merompak hingga kes sexual harassment.
jadi? apa tindakan kita? masih mahu meneruskan perangai yang lama?
masih degil dan keras kepala?

tepuk dada tanya hati selami diri.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Meaningful Leave

Cuti kali ini sangat bermakna bagi aku,
pulang kampung halaman bagi mendapat semangat dan
berdiskusi dengan keluarga tentang masa depan.

alhamdulillah semua selesai, dah dapat buat keputusan, insyaALLAH.

minggu lepas banyak dugaan, dengan kereta rosak sewaktu on the way ke UniKL ,dengan exam SAT , dengan macam-macam lagi lah. tapi takpe semua dah diatas, terimakasih pada yang Maha Mengetahui.

tak lupa juga minggu lepas aku pergi menziarahi kawan-kawan aku di UPNM.

ya ALLAH rindu! sangat rindu!

jmpa jarang-jarang sekali, memang banyak benda yang nak disembangkan.

antara paling ramai aku jmpa , memang skuad aku lah pengubat rindu dan duka..
5 orang kami naik kereta peugeot aku, jalan2 sekitar kuala lumpur sebelum makan dengan amir syukri dan hakim di Mines.. alhamdulillah atas pertemuan kami. aku rasa puas dalam hati, namun rindu masih belum lagi diubati.

kelmarin aku berfikir sambil duduk tepi pantai teluk batik.

ya ALLAH betapa untungnya aku dianugerahkan sahabat seperti kamu,
bermula dengan pertelingkahan berakhir dengan pelukan mesra,
pada satu masa, nak menangis rasanya waktu masing-masing mengucap selamat tinggal.
biarlah kau ketahui,
susah benar untuk aku jumpa orang yang seperti kau. ;) sahabat sehidup semati hingga ke syurga insyaALLAH.. :D