Monday, October 11, 2010

~PERMAI a glance from an RMC student part 2~

hey readers, sorry for the late update, yes i know, i ain't that punctual after all, but still.. i have to prioritize my studies first.:)

Thank you for being open minded and supporting my ideas in the previous post. i believe that its important for us to understand every single piece of mind in an association eventhough they are groups of minorities, which implies on the utilitarian principle, the greater good, for the greater number of people.

well readers, as promised, today i will be bringing more issues of PERMAI itself, for i would like the readers to understand me in the whole and not half way.

on to the issues:

What do i mean by work forces? i mean the backbone of each programme, the group of people that makes the programmes happen or should i just say "AJK PELAKSANA" @ organising committee.

PERMAI is an association run by the students in Irbid itself, using different thinkings and critical knowledge from various minds, i find the concept rather fascinating. i believe that the tradition carried on had been really really really feasible.

the problem arises is that when people tend to compare and put a certain yard stick on to the previous programmes held. how? i will show you an example.

i guess, its the human nature to be competing in order to prove to the eyes of the viewers who is the best in handling stuff. in every meeting we have a "laporan muhasabah". this mechanism is great to ensure that the flaws done by the previous workforce is solved and not repeated. however, things like

"kalau last year ada, takkan la taun nie tak ade"

just makes the system seem flawed.

i give you an example, in this one particular programme which i would not like to state specifically,

the organising committee insisted in having a pantomime play for the occasion, where the bureau incharge had specifically explain that it seems rather impossible with the time constraint and the lack of work force. at first they agreed, and 24 hours before the actual occasion, he was strictly told that he should organise the play by hook or by crook. i pitied the person incharge, he did not sleep that night trying to find "actors" for the play so that the orders could be executed. but offcourse, it was quite impossible in such a short notice. imagine a play in less than 24 hours it would take a miracle to make it happen.

i dont mean to attack , but if you would just look into the issue. doesnt that seem unfair. and when asked about the rationality of the demanded play, it was merely because they had it last year. so this year they must have it too.

picture has nothing to do with the title

you see, we are afraid to think out of the box, afraid to take the risks, although they were well informed that the empty slots of the programme would be replaced with some other "easier" performances, they still had to put the yard stick and guidelines on the programme held in the previous years.

so the conclusion swings by again on the basis of prioritizing, they should prioritize on the direction of the programme rather than the petty things that fulfill the elements.

Where a society of different ages are present , this issue must come shadowing behind. i could see that there are some of the seniors who expressed their thoughts publicy, and there are juniors who did the same thing . this side does not agree by the actions by the other side and vice versa.
as seen on their facebook status:

by the seniors,

"junior zaman skarang dah tak pandai angkat tangan."
"penat aku tegur, senyum pon tak bagi"
"aku tak puas hati betul la dengan batch kau ni, aku cungkil mata dia karang"

by the juniors,

"rasa macam dekat skolah menengah plak ade seniority"
"aku budak u lah, bukan budak skolah, sila respect sikit"
"bajet gile , orang angkat tangan tak tegur"

MISUNDERSTANDING. the word that explains all.. you see, when things like this happen, all we have to do is smile, take a deep breathe and be optimistic.

the juniors should know how to respect the seniors and the seniors should know how to do like wise.

i still dont get it, why should the juniors be the first one to greet a senior, when the senior is fully capable of doing so too.

soo no matter whether you are a junior or even a senior, just greet the person you see without comparing the differences in seniority. im sure that most seniors have had a bad experience atleast once when they were a junior, so if you dont like it, why do it again right?

the seniors came visiting to the mindef's house for eid 2010, see we dont have problems.:)

on behalf off the seniors, i would like to say sorry to the juniors if we mistreated you, and on behalf of the juniors, i would like to say sorry to the seniors if we have not showed the respect you ought to have.



i was sitting down together with 2 of my good friend here in Jordan. than the issue came by,

one of them asked,"macam mane nak memartabatkan bahasa arab dan bahasa inggeris dalam kalangan masyarakat PERMAI?"

we sat there thinking about the question on and on and on.

"aku rasa bahasa arab ni ok dah, pasalnye pmk ade organize kelas bahasa arab ammi, sape pegi oklah", he said again.

suddenly the words of a legendary senior in Arabic came in my mind,

"ilmu ni kalau kita nak , kita cari, insyallah kita dapat"

i smiled when the words popped in my mind..
you see friends, PMK Permai had already organized classes for the Arabic language, in making sure the participants get the best from the seniors.

sadly enough, when ever the programme is held, only the juniors are present. i wonder..

(and i'd like to emphasize on my own batch, bukan la niat nak kata batch kita tak hebat, but still... its still along way to go.., and by saying this I still don't leave behind any other batch, for i believe there is always room for improvement.)

honestly I don't know what else to say... however , I don't put the burden fully on the seniors, perhaps PMK should advertise the programme to everyone.. not just the juniors. wallahualam.

"ok , bahasa arab dah settle, macam mane plak dengan bahasa inggeris?" he asked again.

"nak buat kelas bahasa inggeris jugak ke?" answered another friend in question form.

i guess making classes for English is totally impractical. you see, even the Arabic language class is not attended by the society, what difference does it make if you organize an English class?

some say that:

"aku datang jordan nak blaja bahasa arab, bukan bi."
"bi dah blaja dari dulu lagi, blaja arab la plak"
"alaa aku bidang agama, bi bukan penting pon, aku bagi ayat bahasa arab baru hot"

I don't oppose yet do i agree.. you must understand , although Arabic language is one of the demanded language for your course, it still does not neglect the importance of English itself.
see all the great scholars of Islam, not only are they masters in Arabic but also the saints of English...

believe me , there is nothing to lose. you have the Islamic knowledge, you have the ability to give advice and debate on Islamic basis, you have the Arabic language, what's wrong by enhancing it with your fluency in English?

my suggestion is, to increase the usage of English in the programmes organised by PERMAI. you see, we all have the vocabulary and grammar buried deep inside. we just need a little kick start to brush the old rusty steel. imagine if all the directors of programmes deliver their speech in English.. would that indirectly create an English speaking environment throughout the programme?

what? your not good? than lets all learn together. I too am not perfect.:)

This topic i guess should be emphasized too..

what does fusion mean? to merge different elements to unite.

yes... as easy as my phrase is "islamic fussion"

i know that on and on , people having been talking about this issue. but yet, i still see it absent in the community.

living in Irbid, we are given the chance to meet people from different walks of life and different fields of studies. we have the religious based schools, we have the sciences based school, we even have the military based schools. all these people from various walks of life either pursue religion, medicine, dentistry, physics or even economics.

i ask you, where would you find such a place with such diversity? Egypt? my winter trip there last year have totally proven that even students in egypt dont use this opportunities.

yes we have classes, we have usrah , we have tahfiz. but what about the personal exchange of knowledge?

Yarmouk & JUST.

i find it special here to have close friends from yarmouk like amir siddiq and iz'aan. they have totally taught me a lot in the fields of religious views. i in the other hand share my experience studying in an international school to open up our minds to a wider scope. looking at things not just from the religious way, but also the modern secular way.

i believe that if this exchange of views and knowledge is done correctly we could be more than just a doctor or ustaz or economist. we would be a person full with knowledge.

imagine a doctor who could explain the asbabul nuzul of the ayyahs in the holy quran, economist able to explain the causes of dental carries, ustaz able to handle medical emergency cases in times of emergencies. wouldnt the world be a better place?

think about it. take this opportunity, handle it well find a suitable friend to share our knowledge and let the brain storming begin.:)


Well.. perhaps brotherhood would only apply to the boys and put the girls aside, so lets quote it as integration.

i still remember when i was here in my 1st semester of my 1st year. i hated it. i hated everyone, i hated the society, i hated the silly arabs , i hated EVERYTHING. i know it was too early to judge, but when the heart repels, the body just follows through.


that was all before i got to know the people around me, i got to know the place i got to understand the environment. honestly, the people around me makes me realize that, i dont mind to be stranded on a deserted island, as long as the people around me are like all of you.:)

i believe the integration, the love and care from each member to one another is absolutely important. the support we get, the trust we receive is what makes a society so special.

you see, being a senior, i think we do have our obligations to fulfil . i still remember when i was strolling around "balad" , i wanted to buy a set of curtain ready made, but seriously i have no idea what its called in arabic.
i wanted to seek help, i dont know whom to ask. luckily i was close with senior imran. lastly i just made a call to ask him, what the word is in arabic.

abang imran, yes he helps us alot.

i felt really ashamed, i mean, how stupid i was not even knowing a simple word.

but.. when the juniors were here, i too had received calls from juniors,whether to ask what a word is in arabic or even to ask mere directions. suddenly, i felt obliged to help.
i believe this is what PERMAI has been trying to achieve. the integration and brotherhood amongst its people. everyone should help anyone, if he/she is in need. usually, a junior would only feel comfortable to ask those he/she is close to ie: their mentors.

so my suggestion is that the mentors should not only be there for the SPB, but to guide the juniors when ever they need help. whether it is before or after SPB. with the increase in the PERMAI members, i believe this system is a much friendlier approach. dont just be a mentor for the sake of being a mentor and finishing up the checklist handed out by the SPB committee, but be a mentor, who could always be depended on by the juniors. i know my last mentor , was the greatest one could ever ask for.

beloved housemate with best mentor, leeduan arrukes. :)

maintain this environment, the care for our friends and colleagues for we are one society, one community and offcourse, ONE FAMILY..

this integration between the society is what made me hang on for a while, and made me want to stay till this very moment.

some may still find it hard to accept the laws by PERMAI, well i say:

"learn to understand , learn to love"

for some who still thinks my opinions are ridiculously wrong, im sorry . but i guess, there is always room for improvement . PERMAI is great, but lets make it the best.:)

~a mere lad under PERMAI, Op Ulya Aqamah Bin Husamudin~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

~PERMAI a glance from an RMC student part 1~

i have kept my views as secretive as possible trying not to go public on my thoughts and views upon this issue. At first i thought that i have absolutely no rights in judging and i felt shallow thinking i have no understanding in the issue's brought by the association.

But after 1 year i stayed in this holy land of prophets, i believe i do have the rights and it is ok for me to voice out my opinion .

and yet , please understand that this is just a humble opinion which i have long kept deep in the bottom of my heart. if i do wrong, please forgive me for to err is human.:)

PERMAI (Persatuan Mahasiswa Irbid Malaysia) or better known as "The Malaysian Students
Association Of Irbid".
yes as prosperous and harmonious as the name is , i still believe that there are things to look into, where we could correct our flaws and continue with the islamic essence which makes this association so special compared to others.

I would like to take you readers back in time, and for once try to put yourself in my shoes so
that you could see things from my point of view, i am not saying that it is fully correct, but i just hope to be understood.


"ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, please be seated and prepare for land
ing, as we are 1 hour away from our destination, Queen Alia International Airport, Amman , Jordan." as the flight captain finished his announcement there were screams of joy on the flight. everyone, i mean EVERYONE had their faces lighten up with excitement.

I sat at my seat, feeling rather sad and excited as i was leaving everything behind and am about to start a whole new chapter of my life in this so called land of prophets.

i tried to fake a smile and watched the other students chat happily and cheerfully . i felt happy yet envious seeing them so cheerful, as if they are ready to face the obstacles ahead despite knowing that it would be a bumpy ride.

as i step foot into jordan, honestly i was surprised, the stories that we heard from seniors were miles away from the visible truth, and for once i was struck by frustration.

i tried to coax myself and tried to look things at the positive way.

it was indeed an enjoyable ride through out our first weeks and month, but that was until we were introduced to the constitution which were uphold by PERMAI. there are some things that i didnt get at the 1st place and being the rebellious me, i find it utterly inappropriate .


yes, the most talked about issue in this region. i could imagine the gasps of suspense on your faces as you read this title, but if you could bear with me until the next topic, i believe you would understand what i am trying to say.

i believe the concept brought by this very strong word is to ensure that we are well nurtured to avoid any inappropriate socialization between genders. i find the concept really unique, for you are obliged to certain laws in order to socialize with the different gender, yet still being able to work hand in hand to fulfill a task. ie the programmes organised by permai.

i understand that this is not merely the laws of permai, but indeed the laws of our religion, Islam.

being from a school which has no religious background, at first i had trouble to understand, but
after a while, i tend to adapt and learned to live with it.

but some incidents had actually smeared a black mark on my perception.

one of them happened during our 1st trip to the university, as we were lining up to take our class schedule . the line some how ended in a U kind of shape, where the boys and girls unintentionally ended up side by side.

as my friend and i were standing in line, we saw a friend of ours (who happens to be a girl) dancing on her phone keypads typing a message. we felt excited for we didnt recieve our sim cards yet and we got to know that the girls had got theirs. without further thinking, my friend started to ask.

" Number jordan ke?"
"haah " she replied without even looking.
"oh... murah tak message Malaysia?" he added.
"erm.. boleyh la, biase-biase je, takde la mahal sangat.", she replied , this time with a smirk.

and out of nowhere, this senior lady senior came to us and said,

"soalan macam tu, kau bleyh tanye senior kau", with a sarcastic tone, breaking our conversation at the instance.

at that time we didnt know how to react, should we be ashamed ? should we be angry? we went home with a little grudge towards her , and the rebellious nature tend to develop.

was it wrong of us just to ask a mere simple question? if soo, we are sorry, but isnt there any better way to tell us?

you see, the idea is great but how they implement the idea is a no-no. this is just one case, we indeed faced many other situations which i think should not be as it was done.

put yourself in our shoes, having nil knowledge upon this issue, and suddenly just being whipped with sarcasm would do nothing to us but strike anger.

again, the idea is great but i just think that we need to find a different way of approach, a much "user friendly" kind of way. we dont want to create a "cultural shock" to these innocent newbies by giving them strict and unfriendly teachings. i suggest we study these characters and find a way to go around them to take them into our grasps slowly rather than grasping them with sizzling paws.


PERMAI is well known for its diversity of programmes, i personally dont know to identify it as its famous nature, or infamous nature.
i quote a super senior of us

"kalau dalam masa setahun ade 365 hari,
100 hari lebih diperuntukkan dengan programme sahaja."

you see, the programmes are great, i totally enjoy them too. it not only implements soft skills (which seems to be its main concern) but it also strengthen the bonds between the society.

to look at it in a bigger scope, and im sure that most of you agree, that the programmes seem to be held every week (plus minus the exam weeks). some may feel that it becomes rather burdening than enjoyable and benefiting. thus explaining the "empty spots" during the programme. i personally think that it is ok, as long as it does not clash with our studies and private life. but then again, not all of us seems to think in the same way.

the idea is about prioritizing, prioritize the important programmes
first and then only the mere backups. try to focus on the objectives and fulfill it to the very best, not just organizing for the sake of organizing. insyallah, your participants would increase.:)


well this is for part 1 of my views, insyallah, tomorrow i will be explaining on the basis of workforces, seniority , language and offcourse the brotherhood.

before any of you make up your own conclusion, please stay tuned on the updates for the next issues . to understand one self is not just to look at one side but his idea in a whole..

Sunday, October 3, 2010



balik umah gua belek muka,
tengok cermin,
betol kan rambut sikit,

masuk toilet ,
gua amik shaver gua amik shaving cream,
pergh.. spray banyak-banyak, biar ala-ala salji di pipi.

gua tutup mata gua gores semua,
buang bauk amazon di pipi,
shave sana, shave sini,
gua make sure takde anak janggut yang terlepas kali ini.
buka paip sinki,
amik air gua bagi bersih berseri.

pandang atas tengok cermin,

sumpah nak pengsan,
terkejut bai,
gua ingat brad pitt dok tandas intai gua skali....

gelapgelita: sumpah tak tipu, hensem kot aku takde jambang hahahahahahaha....

Friday, October 1, 2010



memula, diorang kata aku leyh naik taun 2,
gua dah siap sedia study,
beli lecture note,
tolong arab buat lecture ape bala semua,
then tetiba da 2 minggu masuk kelas, diorg kata aku takleyh naik plak.


memang ujian,
tapi apa-apa hal , gua nak tentang jugak,
dah bagi keputusan then senang2 nak tarik balik,
insyallah aku akan jmpe president university aku nak fight for my right.
insyallah.. DOAKAN EH...

in the worst case scenario, misalnye aku betol kena repeat year,
aku berazam nak tingkatkan bahasa arab aku,
aku nak biar cakap bahasa arab tu nanti , bley bantai debat dengan orang arab tepi jalan ,
tak pon, atleast gua dapat tackle awek arab cukup lah ( hehe melawak je ye dini.. wink3)

tapi aku hussnuzon,
mungkin ade hikmahnye,
mungkin ade jalan yang telah disusunNYA,
aku redha jela.
and aku akan ikut flow yang dye dah tetapkan dekat aku. tgk lah macam mane..

gelapgelita: aku akan try buat buku bahasa arab, ilham dari senior imran, sebaik melangkah ke tahun 4 insyallah... :)