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Around The UK in 16 days ~part 1~

ok, gua baru rasa rajin sikit nak hupdate walaupun 2 hari tak buat apa-apa selain main game dan menyertai movie marathon. (sumpah cite "hantu kak limah balik rumah" sangat hambar) -.-"

anyhow, after i departed from turkey, i arrived at Heathrow and bla bla bla.. malas plak gua nak explain detail-detail memang esok tak abes cite lagi dan gua tau lu orang pon malas nak dengar gua bebel banyak , soo gua ingat kan nak letak gambar explain la sikit-sikit pasal tempat-tempat yang gua pegi, malas mau panjang-panjang.

gua explain tersasul BI sikit takpe kan? baru balik UK la katakan.. :P



The Royal Berkshire Hospital

The Museum Of Rural English History

I would say Reading (pronounced redding) is a good choice to settle down with your family, the place is not far from London, yet not as busy as London. i couldnt say much about reading since we were there for only one night. but it did seem to be a very meanful night for us, meeting with the malaysian community there.



Promenade Road ( The centre of Cheltenham)

The town Mascot (The Hare And The Bull)
Night Stroll

The Cheltenham Memorial

and offcourse the bird poop. LOL

Cheltenham was a very short trip, we didnt really have time to go around the whole place, but the city centre was enough to tell us how peaceful the place is. Something that would never be forgetten during the trip to Cheltenham was when we were "bombed" with pigeon droppings. the smell from the fowl was foul enough to make "some" of us, buy new bagpacks (you know who you are) hahaha



Warwick Castle

Friends in Coventry

Warwick University Centre for Islamic Studies

Feeding the ducks at the Warwick University Park

Coventry and Warwick are two different places in one district. there are plenty of malaysian students there taking up chemistry, law, TESL, Physics and even Mathematics. what i like most about this place is offcourse the Warwick University. the University is like soo cool, they have their own cinema and even an art gallery. its in the midlands so from here we basically made our way to Stratford and Birmingham, it isnt that far.


The Famous Bullring

The City Admin Building

Queen Victoria

Bullring Shopping Mall

Cadbury World

Birmingham is an industrial city, full of factories and kinda busy. still, it is a very beautiful place to visit. been there a couple of times and it just keeps on improving every year.

Birmingham i will never forget as i had beautiful memories during my F1 INSCHOOLS years.


The River Shops, all those boats are actually restaurants or shops.

Shakespeare Monument

Stratford Street

Shakespeare's Birth place

Not many people know about Stratford. for me, a trip to England without a visit to Stratford would be meaningless. its a beautiful calm small town 1 hour from coventry. its well known for the birthplace of Shakespeare. so those literature geeks out there this should be a good place to get to know Shakespeare better..:D



Trafford Park

Manchester United Stadium, Old Trafford

Manchester wasnt like what we expected, the streets were busy, and a little dirty compared to the other cities around England. Our journey to Manchester was mainly to visit Old Trafford, despite the fact that non of us are ManU supporters. haha still, its a place that we must go to. There is this cool arabian restaurant in Manchester and for god sakes their food is even better than Jordan. oh the irony.


The Liverpool Museum

Liverpool, Lime Street Station

Liverpool FC Stadium, Anfield

The Last Champions League trophy to be kept, and a die hard fan haha

Liverpool was stunning. the wheather was great and transportation is easy . we didnt really go around that much, since our main priority was to visit Anfield. my next trip to England would definitely be spent more in Liverpool.


Well i guess thats the basics that we went through. next time i will update on our trip to LONDON and SCOTLAND. banyak sangat nak muatkan dalam satu post. letih jari menaip keh3.

ps: dah kelas dah weyh kat jordan nie..-.-"

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