Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~back to english~


as seen on the title of this post.
i plan to start to blog in english for the mean time


1.) coz i want to! (boo ho)
2.) my english is getting rusty
3.) im blogging for youthsays blog in english
4.) i just want to!!! hahahahahaha

so i guess its ok right ? i mean,
1 or 2 posts of english wouldnt hurt..
ya ya, i know, some of you say that,

"if you blog in english i wont read"

but just gimme a chance to practice what i should be practicing. ok?

in a matter of fact, we could together brush up our english right??
besides what is there to lose?

btw, check out this blog:


what is it about?

this is it's description:

"Imagine a snapshot in history. The lives of 50 Malaysian Youths: Their hopes, their dreams, their habits, their thoughts, and who they are - documented in a daily group blogging project over 2 weeks, assembling a collage of the identify of Malaysian

RM 26,000 will be shared amongst 50 Malaysians who are participating in this project. These Malaysians were chosen from all walks of life!"

cool gile en en en.. tau korg tengah angguk2.. haha nanti kalau berjaya misi, and i get the prize, i'll treat u out for dinner ogeh?

ps: yela yela, not all la in english. nanti gua tulis gak some in bm ogeh??

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


:.Qushayyi.: said...

gila hebat ko ulya..

Maya Dealove said...

u know bout YouthSays too.

n ur joining the project. wow3

Op uLyA said...

yup i am..:) nah i thought that its just a great cause. anyway. ade sorg budak mansoura in the team. wink3

Aswadie_Sky said...

Ulya...I tried writing in Malay once and it was SO weird, so I deleted..haha... at least your better at being bilingual..but I'm able to debate with you in two languages, when are we going to start in Arabic? >.<

Arya said...

a refreshing change!

amalina. said...

budak plg terer english kat rmc.msti laa.sory kalau aku x phm nnt ulya.heh :P

furqon said...

ur english is getting rusty..
but ur ARABIC (shem accent) is getting stronger...

W M Najib said...

mntp kosai ulya