Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~i dont understand me either~

ive been having these complaints,
and these complaints are really really true if you have met me and understand my habits,
its just a side of me that i'm not that proud of,
"well most of it",
at some complaints i just say,
"shut up, at least those habits brought me forward!"

complaint #1
"suara kau cam perempuan doh first time aku dengar kat phone"
"aku ingatkan ulya ni dulu pondan., kalau tak jmpe memang tak tau"

memang celaka!

they say that my voice on the phone is so soft as if im a transexual or even a lady in total...
i was like, "what?" soo not true, well ,when i purposely recorded my conversation with a friend on the phone and guess what?

i thought i was listening to lady gaga on the phone. a slightly harsh yet really soft melody. -.-".

i dont actually know what to do.. i mean seriously, if its the first time you ever talk to me on the phone, you are sure to be surprised. haha. and the worst thing is, i also use v v weird call names,
i mean , if you see me i would say "kau aku" but on the phone i use "kamu, awak, saya and kita"

my gosh. totally gay. now i understand wat u guys meant.-.-"
i guess i'll just have to swallow in some "chili api" ( which is very hard to find here), to make my voice deeper dont u think??

"kau kalau aku cakap wat donno jer en!"
"weyh ko dengar tak? sampai hati bwat bodo jer"

well, it seems to be that i lack of focus when someone is talking to me, and its as if i dont give a damn about wat their babbling bout. the best thing is, when ever they ask me something, i stay stumped. for about 30 seconds then i'll ask.. wat did u say?

well in defence, let me tell u, im the type of guy which focuses on one thing and never listens to other outside factors. it means when im typing or reading, its not that i didnt hear you, but i dont want to hear you, because i want to focus, or im getting carried away with the particular thing im doing.. seems fair right? so dont feel bad when im like ignoring you....

(even in this instant im ignoring wat chalok is saying to me) -.-"

complaint #3
"kau memang tak ley brenti cakap ek?"
"gile banyak mulut kau!

duh!! -.-"

yup, well said. they say, i talk to much..
which is something i cant deny and i cant defend. so wat the hell. i dont mind. haha but i will try to talk lesser.

but at times my "too much" speaking habits do come in handy right?i mean, whenever u guys need an emergency mc, or an emergency debater, i would always say yes without hesitating. haha so u cant really say that its a bad habit?


well who cares wat my habits are, as long as i dont hurt anyone, or go against my religion, i guess its alright..

i just realised this post is totally selfish and about me and only me.

i dont know why, but i just remembered some complaints i heard and i guess i just wanted to share. haha

ps: da lama tak blogging in english dan da lama tak guna emoticon comel
haha.. sangat kuit kan macam anak patung baby.. :)

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


arifadela said...

mmg kiut...mcm ko plak...

budak said...

ulya xkiut..ulya comel je.

haha said...

KUIT (?)




Berd said...

wa hanya faham tulisan yang berwarna hijau biru dan purple sahaja. tak tahu mengapa.

ira said...

waaa....KUITnye ulyaa..hahaha.KUIT2 :p

Op uLyA said...

to shrek and budak: thanx la puji aku korg nak ape lagi.

to luq: takpela malu skali skala, malu kan "sebahagian dari iman"

to berd: wa rasa lu lupa pakai spec la pasal tu lu tak boleyh baca der..

to mira: bo0o atleast tak follow blog sendiri kuang3

OREOO said...

same macam BERD tuh..
aku xfaham ape ko tules..
ko g jordan,amik TESL ke?hehe

Maya Dealove said...

i see, actually u listen to Gaga too...


iffahifufuifattyacids said...

hehe a'ah suara hang betul betul macaam perempuan ayu

iffahifufuifattyacids said...

hehe a'ah suara hang betul betul macaam perempuan ayu

Op uLyA said...

to maya: haha duh! who doesnt haha

to iffah: jelesy i smell.. for u have a very harsh voice ait?

iffahifufuifattyacids said...

hey heyy suara i mahal kot!

The Awesomest Person You Know said...

#1's cos you hit puberty late.

#2's cos you probably think about molesting yourself or something :P

#3 - hmm talking too much is not a big issue, i talk a lot too. actually if you talk a lot and talk about i dunno, interesting/useful things no one really complains :P maybe you should start talking about awesome stuff, yknow... talk about, i dunno, about me or something. nobody's gonna complain :P

IR. hAfieyzZ@kma said...

ulya:teringin gler nak dengar sore dalam fon..

IR. hAfieyzZ@kma said...

ulya:teringin gler nak dengar sore dalam fon..