Friday, May 7, 2010

~what would u do?~

it was once a prosperous country,
full of happiness and peace
trees grow and flowers bloom,
the sun shined full of joy.

birds chirped of freedom ,
snow fell pure and white,
little boys little girls played happily in the meadows,
with smiles well drawn on their faces
happy and excited for a better tomorrow.
but now,

blood spills everywhere,
bullets are like an ordinary toy,
death is a certainty to all,
bombs and missiles explodes,
food and shelter is never enough,

the once sun shined sky is covered with ashes,
trees are left with nothing but withering leaves,
flowers no longer bloom colorful,
but painted with nothing but blood.

birds no longer chirped,
the wings of freedom taken from their lives.
the beautiful melody could not longer be heard,
only the devastating cries of pain

meadows are burnt down,
turning green to grey,
kids no longer play with smiles,
they run with fear,
terrified for their lives
fathers and mothers die,
children and elders killed,
the hopes of peace and serene tomorrow
remains as unfulfilled wishes,
the better tomorrow never came.

yes it was once a peaceful country
large and diverse,
beautiful and harmonious,
its a bloodshed
a bloodbath genocide
their rights were taken,
their lives were ruined.
the large nation is nothing more but a piece of junk land.

close your eyes and imagine,
how traumatic their condition is
would you be able to save them?
or even give a mere helping hand?
the answer lays in you.
open your heart and listen to the voices inside.
its our obligation, its our call to help



for the Malaysians, show your kindness by joining this campaign


For the jordanians heres our call

remember, this is the least we can do, since we are incapable of fighting with weapons
and sacrifice our life for our brothers and sisters..


ps: bkn nie je program tuk tolong mereka, ade juga viva palestina. check it out.:)

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN