Tuesday, December 8, 2009

~Jordan's first view~

on 5th december 2009, my batch here in Jordan decided to go on a
trip around this so called "land of prophets", jordan. we gathered around as early as 7.30 am
so that we wouldnt be wasting our time. it was a totally cold morning, the fog was everywhere and vapour went out as we spoke. after making sure that everyone was
there, the bus tyre started rolling.....

we started our journey heading to the dead sea first. it was a long tiring journey for it is situated kind of far from irbid. but we didnt really mind and we didnt really feel the tiredness for everyone was entertained by each other's jokes, stories and many more, the long journey had certainly closen the bonds of each and everyone of us.



around 11 am we arrived at the dead sea. from a distance it already looked so beautiful,
back in malaysia i used to live by the sea so , i really know how to judge
whether a beach is really nice or not and trust me, the dead sea... FABULOSO..

before we took a dip in the sea, we gathered around to just listen and talk about the history of the dead sea. it was the story of the prophet lut or (lot in english) it is also known as the story of the tower of babel and sodomy by the christians. it was the story of prophet's lot's people whom had denied ALLAH and practiced unethical relationships of homosexuality. god was furious and had overturned the land of their staying, thus turning it upside down. it was nothing then a flat land . after that only water got caught up in the turned down land and the dead sea was created.
so we were reminded"enjoy yourself but dont enjoy too much for this is the cursed land by ALLAH"

after the small talk, we were released to take a dip. everyone raced to the sea shore and started to dive heads first in the azure water, well not everyone, me! hahaha.
i dived with a hope of beautiful underwater scenery, being a swimmer there is nothing like a beatiful underwater world where you can just mesmerize your eyes.
well atleast i hoped so.. NOO!!! it was not a pleasuring, mesmerizing experience at all. it was a burning pain of sensation.. i looked around for fresh water to wash my eyes.
man, was the
water so concentrated that it seemed impossible to ever open your eyes in the water.
so let it be, the dead sea is only meant for floating and skin treatment..hahaha
it was great though. you didnt even have to really try to float. just lay back and fuala! there you are floating like sail boat. it was great, we had a small rugby match, we had some mud bath and the what we do best is, we had "JUMPING"PHOTOS (inspired by luqman terkacak)

p/s : i guessed i missed this signboard, attention num1 do not dive !!!

PART 2 : MOUNT NEBOMount Nebo was like 20 km from the dead sea. it is a place where prophet musa or moses used to go and have a rest after his long journeys. it is also amongst the earliest place for the civilisation of islam and christian. we didnt really spend time there since we
were out of time to go to the cave of seven sleepers. we just got to know the brief story of mount nebo and looked at it in the distance scenery. we didnt even stop. haha. perhaps next time we will organize another trip to make it up for this one. :)

everyone was so excited to go to ashabul kahfi, we have heard a lot about it.
what is the story of ashabul kahfi? well this is how it goes:

"it is a story of a group of lads who were in that time living under the throne of a very evil and unfair king. they decided to runaway and withdraw from their houses for being fear of being killed just because they were muslims. so they found a cave to settle down, a dog was following them, they tried to hush it away, but, the dog just seemed to be guarding them. the dog was called QITMIR. so they slept in the cave for the night. as they woke up, they went to the nearest town to buy some food. when they handed in their money they just realised that their money is no longer usable, for it was the currency for hundreds of years back. they did not realise that they were put to sleep by ALLAH so that they could survive the years without having to face the cruel king's throne. so they were awaken after 309 years and during that time, the cruel king was replaced by a very, pios and fair king."

interesting ait? haha. yeah, this story was fortold in the holy QURAN too. so the story must be
real. we went there and looked at the magnificent artifacts and infrastructure of the cave and its surroundings. i felt really grateful being blessed a chance to go here and just see with my own eyes the truth of islam and the QURAN.. ALLAHUAKHBAR.

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


ustaz aming said...

mmg xnyesal doe pegi laut mati.
pngalaman seumur idop.

sofia said...

bestnyer =)

mUneer said...

pergh, macam meriah. sayang takde tourist guide. har3

Ate3_y said...

hahaha..funny..nape xbleh dive?? ape jd klu dive?? terhantuk pasir ke ape??

Op uLyA said...

to at3: haha takla.. pasal air masin sangat. so kalo masuk idung ke mate ke sangat sakit.

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