Monday, December 21, 2009

~pabila bahasa dipertikai~


right, i'll be frank with all of you today.. i have been receiving these comments from some friends of mine .they have been telling me that i am not actually that good with words in malay.

is it?

i didnt notice that haha.. soo most of them just told me to start to blog in english again.
ive been thinking too.. should i just go on with malay or just start blogging in english?
so, then again my blog is for my readers,
if they say that its better for me to blog in english why should i carry on with malay right?

dont get me wrong, its not that i cant speak malay or blog in malay , i could but perhaps, im just a little bit better finding my way with english. so no wrong perceptions ok. haha
so now i would just like to ask you guys should it be in :


cast your votes now.. hahaha.. (bajet ala ala malaysian idol gitu) hahaha

p/s : lacking of ideas and incidents to post on my
blog, explains my utter silence for quite some time. oh well, lifes like that... its not that everyday is a special day ait?

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


SADIS said...

jgn rr bi doe..
aku payuah nk paham.
mls rr nk bce blog ko smbil bukak kamus.

one_munawwarah said...

manglish la..baru la malaysia truly asia.. malaysian day ke. haha

ustaz aming said...

ko wt bi mls la ak nk bce.
ak bi ni spatah pon xtau.

Anonymous said...

both..bru best..haha..

sofia said...

malay and english !!!