Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~ saya anak malaysia~

kawan arabku: i dont really know where malaysia is to be frank haha.
aku: u dont? erm.. well do you know where thailand is?
kawan arabku: thailand ?? nah...
aku: well what about indonesia?
kawan arabku: dont know either.
aku: screw you. haha. how cant you know where malaysia is, its like one of the most developed, developing countries ok
kawan arabku: ya its true but it aint that popular .. but i know where singapore is though.



aduh... ko tak tau kat mane malaysia?
oh singapore yang buangan malaysia tu ko tau plak en.
aku pelangkung kepala sekor2 kang....

agak2 ar en, negara yang serba cantik, serba moden, pelbagai budaya tu hampa tak tau? mana buleeeh, ini tak buleyh jadi nie. ( ala2 fathi bercakap)

ye benar. hakikatnye memang ramai lagi foreigners yang tak tau pasal malaysia. even some thought that malaysians still live on trees and cook in bamboo.
well NO.. we have these big 5 story bukit jelutong bungalows, skyscrapping condos and we also use the stove and microwaves ok..

we are not THAT pathetic!
but what could i say, people say what they believe and they believe what they see, and if they have never seen what malaysia is ,so what is there to believe in and what is nice to say about right?

but takkan kite nak biar diorg pandang sebelah mate jer kat kite en,
there was this one story told by an officer in jordan.
it was his first visit here and he was actually toured around jordan itself,
so after bringging him to the historical and tourism places here, they than brought him to jordan's biggest mall, the city mall .
when they were wondering around in the mall, they came across the escalator.
so the arabian guy said, do you know what this is? and before the officer could answer he said, this is an escalator or moving stairs. it is amongst the earlist in the world.
oooh peleeeasssseeeeee, billion supermarket yang cikai kat lumut tu pon ade la weyh..

stereotypes are actually seeded in the minds of these narrow minded
people, to them when you say the word MALAYSIA, a picture of the rainforest just pops in sight and they imagine that young lads would be running around with their tarzan like underwears where the ladies just wearing weaved clothes from the tree vines and the children playing with worms while their father build houses on strong hallow trees??

adoyai.. stereotype la cik org oversea ooii..
malaysia is more than anyone can imagine, malaysia is diversed,
malaysia is truely the essence of asia.
so thats why i think that events like malaysia day is a perfectly practical way to introduce malaysia to the eyes of the world.
actually malaysia is well known already especially amongst the G8 developed nations , but it just seems that these developing nations are the ones that do not have the same exposure about what malaysia is all about.

so during the malaysian day 2009, the students of jordan were given a task to potray to the whole world regarding the diversity of culture and the wonderful tourism destination in malaysia.
it kicked of with a fantastic dikir barat performance by the east coast region. followed up with some nasyid , malaysian wedding culture and silat so on so on so on and so on. secara konklusinya banyak ar aktiviti dalam dewan yang diorg pamerkan haha. yang paling best video promo malaysia. arab bukan main lagi tepuk tangan tengok video nie. terpegun diorg tgk malaysia sampai meleleh ayaq lioq bangun tepuk tangan.
walau pape pon aku tetibe jer rase bangga aku dak malaysia.. haha tetibe cam nyesal lak study oversea. malaysia punya la cantik tapi smpai sini baru nak hargai. dulu kat malaysia tgk iklan cuti2 malaysia wat bodo jer siap tukar channel.

kat sini aku nak kongsi sikit la satu video yang aku rase bangga sangat jadi rakyat malaysia nie haha

sooo to those yang rase tak best dok malaysia.
p/s: tadi aku sempat joget ngan komeng depan arab. haha bapak bestnye .. aku gak sempat mengamuk sebab ade satu makhluk tuhan tu yang gedik gile taknak wat keje. dah org assign tu buat jerla.. takley buat cakap awal2.
till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


fiqOo said...

ahaha tumpang bangga.
at my place (malaysia jek!) ramai student arab.
and bila diorg puji malaysia, terasa sangat bangga jadi anak malaysia!

LuRveHaTeR said...

huhu..thank god i got frenz yg mmg da taw khebatan malaysia..siap tnye agy..'y do u study here??its nothing here.."..ngaa~~mmg nganga laa nk jwb.. =p
*yeah..i do luv malaysia n its d best place ever..but one think dat i hope we can change is d western negative cultures yg smkin mnular..uhuhh..May Allah bless all of us..Amiiiinnn~~ (n_n)

Anonymous said...

xrugi Malaysia ade penduduk cm ko!:))

faiq zaini said...


ni contoh produk wrgnegara bjaya ni..
kalo post kt nst dpt dato' ni..
malaysia boleh!

zul_akhyar said...


chayok r Ulya.
aku puas hati hr tu tgk Arabians yg ternganga dengan keindahan dan keunikan yg ada kt Malaysia