Friday, January 8, 2010

~the flow to change~

How many times have you seen your friend who actually changes dramatically,
as if he or she have been hit by a meteor or fell in a pond of toxic waste.
well, no, not through their physically appearance, but through their behaviour.

i realize i too am changing in terms of my behaviour,
the old nutty me however is still in there,
and when at times it spurts out, man all hell brakes loose,
you wouldnt want to see me in that form.

well perhaps it is fun, perhaps it is entertaining.
but not all the time,

we must realize that day after day, we are changing to a much much more different person,
we are supposed to be matured, critical thinking and optimistic.
those who are close to me may not see my difference,
but those who are rarely around me might have noticed.

yes i've changed im sorry,
but lets just say that im trying to reconstruct myself,
in becoming a better person, yet again a better MUSLIM.

i was afraid that at times i would hurt others,
or that at times people could not accept my changes, and i agree these are amongst the main reasons i am pulled back in reaching my goal.
i witnessed a friend who changed so dramatically and people could not accept his presence

they say:

"hipokrit ar dye"
" man is that a character his practicing for his incoming play?"
"i hate it when people change"

he is not a hypocrite, he is infact listening to the inner side of him.

he is not practicing a character, that is his true character that have been waiting to emerge.

you shouldnt hate people changing for one day, you too will face this phase.

at times i feel that i have absolutely no mood,
or perhaps absolutely moody and angry all the time, im sorry.
perhaps the phase which we call maturity is uploading itself, slowly without my conscious
we tend to get annoyed by petty things as we grow up.

however, it doesnt mean that when once changes it is actually to the bad side.
sometimes we hate it when people advices us or talks to us so that we change,
we think that we are all too good and better off than him

throw that ego as far as u could,
put it in a bottle, tie it to a stone and let it sink deep deep into the pacific ocean,
so that you do not see mr ego again.

there are two major things in life,
"the art of giving"
"the art of acceptance"

what are these two things?
one is the ability and skills off you to GIVE an advice.
different people have different way of acceptance, not all could accept the harsh and demanding ways, some could not accept the mushy soft pep talks.
so its basically up to you to identify these sorts of people. which one and to whom to use it to.

the other one is the ability and skills to accept.
when someone tells you off or advices you, listen, no matter who they are or what their position is,it closely correlates to the 1st is true that those giving advice should be the ones to identify the ways to GIVE. but why not all just learn to ACCEPT.
if everyone could accept anything, than nothing will be a problem. aint that true?

my friends,

i see it is really really important for us to lean towards a different personality,
in terms of changing from bad to the better.

changing is hard i admit.
once i get the flow, i could really ride the waves,
but even if i slip down. just one tiny bit from that surfboard i tend to sink deep in the oceans neglecting my current aim and goal. lets not do this. try to reach the surface no matter what happens and if you just try hard enough, you might even get to ride a better wave.

yes it is hard,
but it is a necessary evil. each and every step that we take counts in this betting.
so lets change. a little by little. slowly, i am trying too..
i am changing not merely because i dream to change, but i HAVE to change,
in making sure a better living way towards future.

ps:-kepada yang ade hadith ke ayat quran yang berkaitan ngan post aku kali nie marilah kongsi sama-sama.

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


faiq zaini said...

semua org nk berubah jd lbih baik snarnya..
sape tanak kan..
tp org slalu tkot x kekal lama.
then, mulala org ckp hangat2 taik ayam..
hipokrit.. n etc.

pity on them..
at last kte jga y untung..

SADIS said...

totaly agree with this.

err, betol tak bi aku ulya?.haha

gilomung! said...

jom la brubah kwn2.
actly ak juz phm yg p/s 2 je..

ara said...

kteorang sokong perubahan ang untuk x ponteng kelas english lgi:-P

Op uLyA said...

haha walau siapa enti yang bernama ara... sorry la selalu ponteng ye..:[

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