Saturday, January 9, 2010

~till when?~

*strictly not advisable for those who are highly sensitive

in religious views and conflicts.
if you are one,
stand back and jump into other blogs as i would not like any criticism on my post especially regarding my religion



"In the name of ALLAH most gracious most merciful, all praises to him the creator of the universe"

alhamdulillah all praises to allah that i am born as a muslim and i am proud of it.

dear fellow readers.
now, im sure most of you malaysian have heard about the conflict and dispute of using ALLAH by the non muslims back in our country right?
the question is here, how could the opposition side win,
how could the non muslims manage to hack their way to win over this issue.

to be honest..
i expected this thing to happen way before the judgment was even held.
to fight against a religious based issue in the civil court? that is just not right.
i said to a friend that as long as the malaysian government do not take actions regarding the feasibility of the actions of the national judiciary system,
then malaysia will never truly be an islamic nation..
this is because malaysia is actually made up off multicultural and multireligious people.
we have many types of beliefs back in our nation.

we have the muslims as top majority, the christians, buddhas, hindus, we even have people who still worship the trees and sun.

im not complaining living in this multireligious nation,
its not at all bad. but what im complaining about is the judiciary and law enforcement enforced on to the issues of the people there back in malaysia.. the government should have a better and more strategic ways in handling these issues. everyone should be aware of the sensitivity of each religion. never provoke the people for it will surely endanger your nation's stability.
from my opinion the issue should not be debated in the civil court for the guidlines and main agenda is closely related to the human rights.

no no, dont get me wrong here i am not saying that the human rights is not good.
it is IN SOME AREAS. not all. some of the cases are just unappropriate if the human rights policy is used. take the fitna case for example, the case where a danish man made a video which directly insults islam and to make it even worst, they actually misinterprated the verses from the holly quran and constructed the verses in their own words. when the issue was brought up, boom the human rights policy was uphold. ooh

"the freedom of speech , the freedom of expression , the freedom of actions"

well as long as im concerned the laws and rights are feasible, as long as it does not harm any other individual or side. go crush their case about human rights

suddenly when this was brought up, they decided to use the utilitarian principle,
"the greater good for the greater number of people"

oh wow wee, now they have the rights and they have the votes. and they won in the fitna case.
which to me was totally unfair.
well if that was debated across the globe and the majority as non muslims than what about malaysia. where muslims are the majority of the population.
so doesnt both the laws of human rights and utilitarianism apply back there in malaysia? and if it does it should have backed the muslims right?

i leave a question for all of you to ponder, since we do have the majority of muslims, than why couldnt we win? since as my friend told me in malaysia:

(5) Walau apa pun apa-apa jua dalam Perlembagaan ini, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah menjadi Ketua Agama Islam di Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Labuan dan Putrajaya; dan bagi maksud ini Parlimen boleh melalui undang-undang membuat peruntukan-peruntukan bagi mengawal selia hal ehwal agama Islam dan bagi menubuhkan suatu Majlis untuk menasihati Yang di-Pertuan Agong mengenai perkara-perkara yang berhubungan dengan agama Islam.

but seems to me non off them are playing their part. i demand this issue to be judged in the syariah court. islam will not fall in the hands of others.

all in all, i wish to not debate upon this issue in further regards,
the judgement have been made,
i too am not pleased, but why not all look into this issue. think about the possibilities that we could have won.
my dear friend faiq also said in his blog that we too must change to act as a great muslim in the most respected and correct way.

we are muslims because we want to be come one, not just the fact that we were born to be one. remember that my friends.

all blame should not be put onto the government, perhaps we should look into ourselves too. change is a necessary evil,
even though its hard, its worth it.
friends, we are the next generation, we are the ones to uphold our dignity and pride and most importantly our religion. take a glance into our lives and reconstruct our heart.

learn from the past and try to improve the future, till when will this issue repeat.till when guys..

till when?

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN


faiq zaini said...

we'll be the wind of change..
prepare for that..

Op uLyA said...

:).. insyallah... am really really hoping so..

W M Najib said...

u like a politician!
your persoalan terakhir memang menjadi persoalan orang ramai.

*Bangkitlah Jiwa Muda!~

farah|adnan said...

see? this is what i mean haha.
ini, benda yang berjela-jela ni memang berat untuk diambil tahu.

x ramai orang muda yang nak terlibat dengan perkara ni, lagi la si mat rempit, kakak abang yang jiwang tangkap cintan je, sang peragut, kaki pukul dll. Kelakar bila kita tengok sebahagian besar pemuda pemudi Malaysia.

Sampai bila kan?